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Senator Anne McEwen :: 8 - 20 July 2007


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Senator Anne McEwen

"Twenty people from diverse backgrounds undertaking a tough trek in an unfamiliar country while confronting a part of Australia's war history that is almost beyond comprehension. Twenty people with different ideas about what to expect and twenty different perspectives on what they wanted to take home from their trip to Sabah. That is what Mr. Tham and his crew at TYK Adventure Tours had to deal with and they did so magnificently. We all enjoyed a journey that every day provided something beautiful to look at, something entertaining, something challenging, something unexpected, something to make us laugh, something inspiring and something to make us stop and reflect. Every day gave us a memory to take home and cherish. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tham and everyone at TYK who gave us a truly great adventure. Your pride in your beautiful country and your dignified respect for our Australian soldiers will always stay with me."

I think it is fair to say we are all missing Sabah and everyone Borneo-side terribly. We are all so pleased you and Tham won the much deserved awards and we have been following progress on the various media websites. It was indeed an achievement given the competition you were up against. Many thanks for all your help during the trip and for involving us in the beautiful ceremony at Quailey's Hill. The group are well aware that while they experienced one of the best tours possible, they were the beneficiaries of some extra special attention that truly made the whole trip 'once in a lifetime'.

Kind regards,
Senator Anne McEwen

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Mr Tham

"The Sandakan Death March visits history that has to be remembered. Mr Tham and his guides bring the history to life. An experience never to be forgotten". Many thanks for all your assistance during the trip and my best wishes for the future and for your endeavours in saving the forests.

Peter Hart

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Mr Tham,

I wish to thank you for the excellent package you put together for our trip to Sabah. The organisation and logistics were first class and allowed us to enjoy the treasures of Sabah in comfort. Your team were always helpful and knowledgeable and were entertaining to walk with. I especially appreciated the depth of passion for your country and quality of information you were happy to share with our group. It is an art to understand when a group requires spoon feeding and when it is best left to its own devices to discover the joys of Sabah and you have mastered that art Mr Tham.

Thank You

Bernie Victory

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My journey in Sabah with TYK Adventure Tours gave me a fresh look at the world. I felt proud that I could honour and remember the young men who died fighting for our country. I felt privileged that I could meet with the local people, learn about their food, language, customs and beliefs. Within this supportive team of Sabah Guides, much fun and adventure was to be enjoyed. Additionally, the expertise of the guides enabled me to enjoy the physical challenges knowing that I was in safe hands. I felt especially looked after with my dietary requirements, which was an added bonus. I hope I can return to Sabah one day. Thank you so much!

Warm Regards,
Julie O’Leary

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:41 PM
The Death March was more than learning about what the POW's went through during WWII. We were able to experience a little of what life is like for the local people. We were made to feel welcome by everyone. Thanks to the team at TYK  Adventure Tours for looking after us so well. Nothing was too much trouble.
Peter Buckle
Thursday, July 26, 2007 1:54 PM

Dear Mr Tham,

Thank you for a very memorable adventure. We were so well looked after and you and your guides taught us so much as we hiked along. Walking the Sandakan death march trail was an emotional and challenging experience but climbing Mt. Kinabalu at the end was an unfogettable experience! I will recommend your tour group and Sabah to everyone I meet and hope to return myself again soon.

Natalie Horan

Saturday, July 28, 2007 8:14 PM
Many thanks to you and your great team who helped make our Sandakan Death March and Mt Kinabalu climb so memorable. To cater for a group such as ours takes great skill, and you all did it with ease. This was a wonderful introduction to your beautiful part of the world, Sabah, and I’m sure that many of us will visit again. You can be very proud of the way ‘your boys’ and the people we met showed us hospitality and friendship.We are thankful that it was also shown to ‘our boys’ during WW11.

With best wishes for your future treks.
Pauline Victory

Sunday, July 29, 2007 10:38 AM

Dear Mr. Tham,

Thankyou for a most enjoyable holiday in your beautiful country. Every day of our trip was an exciting adventure and an incite into the life and wonderful people of Borneo.Thankyou again for the the hospitality, care and professionalism of you and your amazing team of guides who were an essential part of this fantastic holiday. Your helpfulness, attention and, most importantly, your great sense of humour made it a truly great holiday. Congratulations for the tourism awards recently received by your company; certainly wll deserved. Wishing all the best for the future. We shall return.

Brian Horan

Monday, July 30, 2007 8:39 PM

Dear Tham,

Thankyou so much for the fantastic time I had in Sabah. I was really quite scared at the thought of trying to follow the path of our POWs, but TYK Tours ensured the whole experience was amazingly rewarding for me. The food, company, all the laughs (and tears when we remembered our brave soldiers) were shared with you and your professional team of guides. I have already begun looking at your web site in the hope of returning and undertaking another of your great tours. Congratulations on your award you certainly deserve it, and all the best to you and your team!

Fond wishes
Valerie Harrold

Aug 3, 2007 8:01 AM

Dear Tham as a teacher of History, I was thrilled to be so thoroughly immersed in the past and present life of Sabah during our Death March tour.

You and your staff made us all feel so welcome and valued and nothing was too much trouble. It was an honour to retrace the steps of the POW's and to learn a little about the conditions under which they lived and died. The knowledge of your staff about the flora and fauna of Sabah is second to none and your attention to every little detail was exceptional. Thank you so much. It is an experience and a holiday I will never forget.

Judith Botha

Aug 9, 2007
Mr Tham

I knew very little about the Death March before I left Australia, I am now humbled by the experience of what our POWs went through.   Having trodden the paths of those before us it is hard to imagine what such young people went through in order to give us a better life.  I thank you and your team for making such a memorable and emotional trek as enjoyable as possible. At times it just seemed so hard but reflecting on our soldiers bought the trek back to the realisation that we were doing it the easy way. Mr Tham I wish you and your Company the very best of success in your endeavours to make Tourism a preferred way of income for the village people and that deforestation may become a thing of the past. Finally, a personal encounter that will live with me forever and for which I thank you and especially the outstanding job of your leaders and porters who were very professional, lots of fun and never too far away when help was needed. A trek well done, thank you.

Peter Walker
Sunday, Aug 12, 2007
Mr. Tham

Wish to thank you and all your team for a tremendous job to help us experience a little of what our POW’s went through, for me a very moving time to learn about WWII, and an honor to be able to follow in the footsteps of all those before us, there determination, endurance, courage and sacrifices. Your team did a tremendous job and where always there to offer there knowledge of the history, culture, expertise of the flora, fauna and the passion to save the jungle, and always there to lend a hand when needed. A memorable trek along the Death March and climb to Mt Kinabalu, one holiday I’ll never forget. Thank you to all of the TYK Adventure staff and support crew I wish you all the best for future tours. I hope someday to return to explore more of Sabah

Stuart Henshaw

Sunday, Aug 12, 2007
Congratulations to Mr. Tham and all his staff of TYK Adventure Tours on receiving the gold tourism award. I had a memorable trek following the POW’s Death March from Sandakan to Ranau. Along the way I learnt about the history of WWII and the sacrifices and torture these young great heroes endured. Mr.. Tham, porters, drivers and cooks where always very friendly, knowledgeable about the history, culture, fauna and the passion to save the jungle, for future generations. The staff where always there, to lend a hand, crossing rivers, or at the end of a long hot trek, a smiling face, and handed you a cold can of “100 Plus”. I hope someday to return to explore more of Sabah.

Best wishes
Fay Henshaw

Monday, 13 August 2007 4:52 PM
Dear Mr Tham

Thank you for arranging such a memorable trip. I really appreciated finding out about the experiences of the Australian soldiers and the support that they received from the Malay people. I also enjoyed seeing your beautiful country, the challenges of the walk and the climb up Mt Kinabalu. Your company did a fantastic job of meeting all our needs, nothing was ever too much for your staff. They are a very professional team and always smiling and laughing. I will recommend your tour group and Sabah to anyone wanting a great adventure holiday.

Thank you
Elizabeth Brown

Sunday, August 19, 2007 8:32 PM
Dear Tham,

My thanks and congratulations on the professional, dedicated and caring service which you and your staff provided for our group; not only on the Death March, but during our entire stay in Sabah. Your obvious extensive research, planning, logistical skills and your passion for the preservation of the natural areas of Sabah, enabled us to enjoy the experience to an even greater level. Congratulations also on your well deserved success at the recent Malaysian tourism awards.

Sincere best wishes
Kim Harrold







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