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4th - 13th November 2010


Sun, 16 Jan 2011 22:04:04 +0800

An experiential journey through the jungle and military history.

To all the people who made our 2010 Remembrance Day Tour possible,

I apologise for the lateness of this email. I suppose it has taken some time to reflect on our 'adventure'; following in the footsteps of so many brave men who never completed the journey and returned home the way I did. I thank you all for making the journey of remembrance possible. I am sure each member of our team - from historians to guides to drivers - has now dedicated so much time and effort researching, planning, organising, negotiating, assisting, supporting. All so that we could better understand our history and the culture of the people of Sabah. Unfortunately this relationship started amid tragic circumstances but nonetheless is strengthened every time a tour group walks in the footsteps of the Sandakan Death Marchers.

As I said at the conclusion of our tour, I believe you all have much to be proud of because without you this experiential journey through the jungle and military history would not be possible - lest we forget.

Terima kasih dari Hati.
Bill Myatt

Tue, 7 Dec 2010 20:16:08 +0930

Dear Tham,

I would like to thank you and your team for making the trek such an enjoyable experience. I thouroughly enjoyed the trek and one of the main reason its was so enjoyable was because it was well organised and the people involved were only too happy to help where necessary. It was fun to intertact withthe guides when resting or when walking and learn about local culture and practices. A big thankyou to Catherine for getting my shoes sown up and Si for returning to collect my special walking stick at one stage.

Lynette and Neil were only too happy to share their knowledge during the Trek, they both have a great passion for subject and it would not be the same without their knowledge and passion. I especially enjoyed following indiviual soldiers journey while trekking, this really made you think about what they wnet through and some sense of how they might have felt. What a sacrifice these men made all that time ago.

Thanks also to the other trekkers for enhancing the experience, I enjoyed their company and this again enhanced my tour.

Cant wait to get back to Sabah for my next adventure!!

Stuart Totham






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